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The following are extracts from the media of cyber liability related news stories or articles we have created on topical subjects. For more information on how Cyber Liability Insurance will benefit your business call us now on 01905 21681 or Get a Quote here.

Government Launches "Cyber Essentials" - 06 August 201

The government has launched the ‘Cyber Essentials’ certificate with the aim of encouraging businesses to improve their cyber security measures. Soon certification will become mandatory for a range of industries and that list is expected to grow. Read more here

SMEs failing to prioritise cyber security- 21 November 2013

Senior managers at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are failing to prioritise cyber security, preventing them from establishing a strong IT security posture, a study reveals. Read more here

Small firms ‘easy prey for cyber criminals’ - 19 November 2013

MILLIONS of small businesses with fewer than 20 employees, ranging from dental surgeries, financial advisers, independent legal counsellors, information technology consulting firms, and other companies, are neglecting the security of their information technology (IT) equipment and putting their customers, and the future of their business, at risk. Read more here

Cyber Spying - Why are we shocked? - 26 October 2013

The recent allegations of America's NSI spying on their German and French allies should come as no surprise and for the politicians and media so for them to pretend so is just part of the game. Read more here.

Do you know who's behind you? - 24 October 2013

Recent research shows that 21% of European commuters admit to working on sensitive or confidential documents whilst on public transport...but how many of them knew who might have been looking over their shoulder? This interesting article highlights the lack of awareness to the threat "Shoulder Surfers" pose to us all! Read more here

"Get Safe Online" Week - 21st to 25th October 2013

Today sees the launch of Get Safe Online Week, an annual awareness campaign organised by Get Safe Online to reinforce the fact that people can stay online safely just by following some simple precautions. Following these helpful 10 tips for staying safe online could help you and your business be better prepared for a cyber crime attack.

Cyber Security - Its not just your data cyber infiltrators are after - 18 October 2013

Cyber attacks do not just target a companies data with the aim of stealing its money or secrets they can also attack to take over systems allowing others to control logistics and equipment. With this in mind, any industry or business who uses computer controlled manufacturing or processing equipment or uses electronic systems for logistical or administrative functions is vulnerable to deliberate or accidental cyber & data issues. Should such an attack occur then the repercussions throughout the attacked business's supply chain or customer base could be devastating to any business. This recent examples highlights where hackers have used one computer system to enact fraudulent activities within a separate, yet connected, field.   

Cyber Security - Managing and Mitigating Risk - Conference 24 Sept 2013

Sutcliffe & Co are proud to be associated with this one day event designed to help businesses determine their cyber security readiness and protect themselves from the hacking threat. Find out more about this IT Governance conference here

Apple's iOS 7- holes appear already! - 20 Sept 2013

Only hours after Apple released their eagerly anticipated iOS7 Mobile Operating System, experts had already discovered two security vulnerabilities, both of which posed serious threat to the mobile users personal information. To read more: Security Holes unearthed in Apple's iOS7.

Sutcliffe & Co attend INFOSEC 2013

Sutcliffe & Co enjoyed a successful three days exhibiting at INFOSEC 2013 at Earls Court, Europes leading Information Security exhibition. Read more, including news on Sutcliffe & Co's inclusion in MP Chloe Smith's opening key note speech.

Is your Webcam Secure? - 6 September 2013

Technology specialists Technet have been reprimanded for the security weakness within their webcam service which allowed live personal webcam streams to be freely published on the internet...Read more about this frightening lack of security planning from a leading technology firm.

Recruitment Firm Investigated by ICO - 31 July 2013

A Recruitment firm based in Yorkshire, who specialises in recruitment for the care industry, has been reprimanded by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)...Read more about how this could affect your business.

UK "losing the fight" against Cyber Crime - 30 July 2013

The UK is "losing the fight" against internet crime, warn MP's. The UK must do more to stop online fraud and deter state-sponsored cyber-espionage or risk losing the fight against e-crime, MPs have warned. Read more here

Lakeland suffer serious data breach - 24 July 2013

High Street and on-line retailer Lakeland has been forced to reset the passwords of all shoppers who have used their website following a potentially serious breach of their data security. Find out more here...  

Britain "Under Attack" in cyberspace - 3 July 2013

Britain is seeing about 70 sophisticated cyber espionage operations a month against government or industry networks, British intelligence has told the BBC. With Government, ICT Industry, Defence Industry, Education, Engineering and Business Services being the six most commonly attacked sectors British businesses are slowly waking up to the threat of Cyber Espionage. Read more on the BBC Report here.


Cyber Attack seen as Banks "Biggest Risk" - 17 June 2013


U.K. banks consider cyber-attacks their biggest risk, even more than the euro crisis, Andrew Haldane, director of financial stability at the Bank of England, said. Mr. Haldane met with five major banks and four of them told him that cyber attacks were their main concern, Reuters reported. The management of this risk is somewhat in an early stage, Mr. Haldane said, and over the past five years focus on other risk factors might have distracted attention from cyber risks. Read more on the Reuters report here


Cyber Insurance Adds to Cyber Security - 4 June 2013


"The purpose of any type of insurance is to protect your most valuable assets..." With electronic data forming such an important part of many businesses core structure, Business Owners are starting to to understand the importance of protecting this vital asset. Cyber security, firewalls, Anti Virus protection etc, is vital, in the same way fire and intruder alarms are vital to a buildings security. However, Cyber Insurance backs up these security measures and provides a business with the same safety blanket for its data as buildings insurance provides for a businesses buildings. Read more



Cyber Crime, could you be their next victim? - 20 May 2013

Hackers and cyber criminals alike are having to spread their nets wider to find their next group of victims. As corporate business, financial institution and Governments tighten their own Cyber Security so those intent on exploiting the internet for either financial gain or simply 'because they can' start their search for the next weak spot to infiltrate and the weaknesses are there for anyone who cares to go digging to find as this BBC Report shows


Cyber security and fraud:The impact on small businesses? - May 2013

The Federation of Small Business has issued an interesting and useful booklet outlining a number of areas where SME's should be looking to increase their awareness of Cyber Risk within the business as well as useful tips and hints on how to help try and combat those threats. FSB Cyber Security and Fraud: The impact on small businesses


The technology trap - UK small businesses embracing new technology but not the emerging risk - 8 May 2013

UK small businesses are underestimating the risks that come with increasing use of new technology, according to new research commissioned by global insurer Zurich. Read more about the risks SME's are taking with arguably their most valuable asset here.


Symantec Report Finds Small Businesses Battered By Cybercrime - April 2013

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting small businesses due to their less sophisticated defenses, according to a new report from Symantec. Read more about the growing threat to SME's and the threat their part in the supply chain could cause.


In the Virtual era who needs insurance? - 12 April 2013

Read the views of an insurance broker on why every business would benefit from a Cyber Risk insurance policy.


Distributed Denial of Service Attack slows the World Wide Web - 27 March 2013

An internet "war" between a web hosting company and an Anti-Spam organisation has resulted in a marked downturn in speed of internet access for users around the world. In what is believed to be a show of strength rather than a concerted effort to bring down the Internet, we see a demonstration of how all users of web based applications and data storage run the risk of falling foul of attacks they are in now way activly involved in.


Read more about this latest DDoS attack, its origins and it's potential effect on the "average" internet user.   


Anti-cyber threat centre launched- 27 March 2013

"A new initiative to share information on cyber threats between businesses and government is to be launched" reports the BBC News today. This co-ordinated response to the increasing cyber threat to businesses large and small across the UK is backed by both big players such as GCHQ and MI5 as well as a growing number of independent businesses who understand the need to share information on how cyber threats are threaten the running of their business. This controlled, "grown-up" approach to the voluntary collation of information is in direct response to the draft EU directive forcing companies to disclose when they have been the subject of a cyber attack. 


Cyber attacks to blame for South Korean Broadcaster and Bank downtime - 20 March 2013

We are increasingly hearing about malicious cyber attacks aimed at big business, government departments and national institutions, as highlighted by this recent BBC News report. Whilst these attacks might seem to be happening a whole world away from "normal" UK businesses the reality is that any business can become collateral damage in the wake of such attacks.The small world created by the World Wide Web means that there is potential for us all to be caught up in the fall out from these attacks!


New survey highlights worrying lack of guidance from employers on use of personal devices - 7 March 2013

A survey commissioned by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has shown many employers appear to have a ‘laissez faire’ attitude to allowing staff to use their personal laptop, tablet computer or smartphone for work business, which may be placing people’s personal information at risk.

The survey, carried out by YouGov, reveals that 47% of all UK adults now use their personal smartphone, laptop or tablet computer for work purposes. But less than 3 in 10 who do so are provided with guidance on how their devices should be used in this capacity, raising worrying concerns that people may not understand how to look after the personal information accessed and stored on these devices.


Download the ICO's guidance on Bring Your Own Device


Read more about the ICO BYOD survey


Hackers hack Hackers - 21 February 2013

Every day seems to bring us news of high profile accounts being hacked. Be they Twitter, Facebook or businesses own systems, the hackers would apear to be able to strike at will. Sometimes these intrusions are aimed at destabalising or harming an organisation, as this attack on Burger King apears to be, whilst other attacks seem to be undertaken as no more than a form of "point scoring". The recently reported breach of security at Hacking Group Anonymous by rival hackers Rustle League would suggest that no organisation is safe, big or small, high or low profile, perceived as well protected or not, the hackers are out to get you...


Cyber Crime Costs UK Economy Up To £27bn Annually - 19 February 2013

Given the profound importance of the Internet to the UK economy, it is crucial the government, private sector organisations and the general public join forces in the battle against online crime, which, according to figures released by the National Audit Office (NAO), costs the UK economy between £18 billion and £27 billion a year.


The NAO goes on to point out that a secure cyberspace is of immense importance for the UK. In 2010, the value of the country's Internet-based economy stood at £121 billion, which equals 8% of the nation's GDP. This is the biggest proportion recorded for a G20 country. The UK was also ranked first based on its ability to resist cyber attacks and develop a vibrant digital economy.


The Internet presents great opportunities for economic growth and improvement in public services but its potential is also being increasingly exploited by malicious agents. The NAO notes in its report that basic computer and network "hygiene" could help prevent 80% of cyber attacks.


Visit the National Audi Office website for further information.


Sutcliffe & Co, AIG and IASME launch Cyber Liability offering - 14 February 2013

Sutcliffe & Co, in conjunction with AIG and IASME, are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new Cyber Liability Insurance offering aimed at the SME Market.


Duncam Sutcliffe says "In the past Cyber Liability Insurance had been the sole domain of larger organisation and corporate entities. However, Cyber threats do not restrict themselves to such businesses. This new offering has been developed with the SME market very much in mind, not only does it offer cover which is relevant to these businesses but it does so at a cost which does not price it out of the market."


"Working with IASME has allowed us to both better understand an SME's need for Cyber Security and to allow clients who are IASME accredited an even better deal on their Cyber Liability Insurance premiums."


Follow the links for more information on Cyber Liability Insurance and The IASME Consortium.



Hackers using you to get to your Business - 12 February 2013

"If you had an email that looked like it was from your boss asking how your recent holiday went, would you open it? Most probably - and hackers know it."


The alarming trend of hackers using what is potentially a businesses weakest link, its employees, to gleam vital information which can grant them a swift and simple route into a companies data is on the increase.


Find out more, The Comment Group: The hackers hunting for clues about you


And according to a new report social media  sites are now a main way cybercriminals trick users to click on malicious links and give out account details. GFI Software's VIPRE Report for January 2013 revealed that there is an increase in social network-based cybercrime attacks which include phishing messages on Twitter and Facebook. Facebook itself has recently revealed that it was the target of 'sophisticated' hackers, again showing how hackers are using high profile web sites to get access to a wide range of end user data. 


Cyber attack - is anyone safe? - 07 February 2013

In Just one week the BBC News has reported on the theft of 250,000 twitter account holders details, a cyber-attack and subsequent theft of data from the US Central Bank, an instance where an automated update to a leading brand of Anti-Virus software let to substantial down time to its users and information coming from America on the repeated hacking of a number of leading newpapers.


Whist these threats might appear to be distant and unlikely to effect the vast majority of UK businesses, they are real and the frequency of which they are being reported is growing alarmingly.


As more and more business rely on the electronic storage of client and supplier information, trading on the internet and IT in general, the greater the effects of system down-time become; regardless of whether that downtime is brought about by malicious hackers, the spread of a virus or a rouge employee deliberately pressing the wrong button at the wrong time!


For more information on how Cyber Liability insurance could help your business recover should that unthinkable attack happen then...


read more ...


Twitter: Hackers target 250,000 users - 05 February 2013

A quarter of a million Twitter users have had their accounts compromised in the latest of a string of high-profile internet security breaches.


Twitter's information security director Bob Lord said about 250,000 users' passwords had been stolen, as well as usernames, emails and other data.


This sort of attack on personal data is becoming more and more prevalent further increasing the need for cyber insurance cover for any business which relies on electronically stored data to function.


read more ...


10 Steps to Cyber Security - 13 December 2012

"Every day, all around the world, thousands of IT Systems are compromised. Some are attacked purely for the kudos of doing so, others for political motives but most commonly they are attacked to steal money or commercial secrets. My experience suggests that in practice, few companies have got this right.


And if your company doesn't have it right, your IT systems might already have been compromised, attackers could already have your new product plans, bidding position or research; they may already be running your process control systems!"


Follow this link to read more from Iain Lobban, Director GCHQ, and for "10 steps to cyber security".



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