Monthly Archives: May 2021

The growing problem of underinsurance.

As we surface out of this pandemic the theme of the British Insurance Brokers Association 2021 manifesto is all about resilience and why proper insurance protection placed by professional insurance brokers is key to making the UK a more resilient economy post-pandemic say’s BIBA’s Alistair Blundell. Under insurance is not a new problem but it […]

Does your insurance policy fully cover your employees working from home?

Over the past year, during the Covid-19 pandemic, employees were requested by the Government to work from home. Even though restrictions are starting to be lifted and vaccinations are being rolled out, many businesses have found this flexible working to be very successful and are taking the decision to offer a hybrid working system where […]

Could the migration of alarm systems to IP-digital effect your insurance policy?

Currently many building alarm systems are still running on an analogue telephone line but with the major plans by Openreach to move all telephone networks from analogue to an IP-digital network over fibre by the end of 2025, we look at how this will affect your insurance policy and what you need to do. All […]

Top tips to ensure you are protected against Cyber and Data attack

How to protect yourself and your business Over the past decade, the internet has grown to become an essential tool that many companies and individuals now rely upon to conduct daily business. But with nearly half of all businesses in the UK suffering from a cyber attack or security breach in 2017, the need for […]