Why do I need insurance for my fishing tackle and equipment?

Sutcliffe & Co is working with Jackson Lee Underwriting to offer our clients a bespoke policy, which provides comprehensive cover that will help protect your fishing equipment if it’s accidentally damaged, lost or stolen, covering the cost of repair or replacement.

While you may get some cover for your fishing tackle through your home insurance, that won’t normally include damage incurred while you (or any member of your family) are using the equipment, for instance while you’re taking part in an amateur event. Our policy will.

For example, if your rods are damaged the day of an amateur match, you have already paid the non-refundable entry fee and there’s no chance you’ll be able to take part, then this policy will repair or replace your rods as soon as possible and reimburse the match entry fee.

Similarly, if you are night fishing with multiple rods and one of them gets damaged or stolen while you are elsewhere, then this policy from Sutcliffe & Co and Jackson Lee will still have you covered.

Even if you’re heading to Europe for an amateur angling tournament, then your equipment is still covered by this insurance.

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