Why do I need special travel insurance?

While standard, off-the- shelf travel insurance is more than suitable for a standard holiday, if you are embarking on a more adventurous time away you will find that most travel/holiday insurance policies will exclude extreme sports or activities that the underwriters consider high risk.

Because Sutcliffe & Co and our sister company Mann Broadbent (which specialises in sports & leisure insurance) insure a large number of ultra-races and endurance events, we often get asked if we can insure the competitors. In many cases the best way to do this is with a specialist travel insurance policy.

If you are an adventure event organiser or a competitor participating in endurance events, please contact us and we should be able to help with specialist travel or cancellation insurance.

We understand that everyone's insurance requirements are different & can advise you on what you do, and do not, need.

What else might I need?

If you are a regular adventurer, you may also want to talk to us about the following, especially if your travels takes you to some strange places: