What are ACORD inurance certificates?

ACORD Certificate Insurance, or ACORD Forms Insurance, are standardised documents that summarise what liability insurance an organisation holds.

Why do I need an ACORD insurance Certificate?

When operating internationally, especially in the USA, customers and suppliers often require confirmation of what insurance cover they have. The ACORD forms insurance are single sided documents that clearly set out the main details of what liability insurance you have in a clear format. If you are trading with US companies they will commonly insist upon sight of a satisfactory ACORD insurance certificate before they do business with you.

How do I get an ACORD Insurance Certificate?

Certificates are controlled by the Association for Cooperative Operations Research & Development, a not for profit body based in the US. Sutcliffe & Co can obtain ACORD certificate insurance for our clients if required. If you would like assistance with ACORD insurance, please contact us.

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