What is Commercial Combined insurance?

Commercial Combined insurance is a custom-made policy created using different, individual, types of insurance in order to make a bespoke policy. This allows for cover to be tailored to the requirements of you and your business.

As well as being able to select the cover you require, you can select extensions in order to enhance areas that are important to your business, such as efficacy, deterioration of stock, product recall, book debts, etc. Likewise, it is possible to reduce cover to the minimum, for example you may just want to insure your building against damage by fire and no other peril.

In creating a Commercial Combined policy, you can choose the elements you require and ignore those that you do not. For example, a basic policy may include:

While a useful way to obtain cover, a Commercial Combined policy may not be suitable for all. Some smaller businesses may find it cheaper to purchase a Commercial Package policy, noting that this may not have as much flexibility. Similarly a Commercial Combined policy may not be suitable for larger businesses or those that are unusual or predominantly liability based. Additionally, there may be some aspects of cover that are best provided separately from your combined policy.

The best place to start is to get in touch to have a chat with us about the type of policy that would best suit you and your business.

All businesses are different and we can advise you on what insurance you do, and do not, need.