Why do I need Employer's Liability insurance?

All employers must maintain employer’s liability insurance to cover them should an employee suffer a work related injury or disease. Even if your employees are part time, work experience or volunteers they can still be considered employees so employer’s liability insurance should be in place.

When you get employer’s liability insurance you will be issued with an employer’s liability insurance certificate. This certificate must be made available for employees to view and a copy of the certificate needs to be kept on file should a claim arise, even many years after the alleged cause of the injury or disease.

Employer’s liability can be purchased on its own but is more commonly available alongside public liability and products liability or as part of a commercial package or commercial combined policy.

Employer’s liability is not designed to cover employment law events such as wrongful dismissal or discrimination, which may be covered by a Legal Expenses or Directors & Officers policy.

We can advise what insurance your business does, and does not, need