Why do I need Kidnap & Ransom insurance?

Kidnapping used to be confined to a few parts of the world, targeting political or wealthy individuals. Now kidnap is being seen all over the world and victims often selected at random for a ransom.

With increasing travel for work and pleasure to some of the more dangerous parts of the world, more and more companies and individuals are now protecting themselves, their employees and their loved ones with kidnap insurance.

Kidnap & Ransom insurance provides the services of a specialist consultancy whose primary role is to bring about the quick and safe release of the victim. The cover will also reimburse the ransom money and can extend to include cover for lost income, injury, liability and even theft of the ransom money.

Depending upon your needs, your insurer may also be able to provide you with training to teach you how to avoid being kidnapped and how to respond in a kidnap situation.

If you are travelling to a high risk area and your budget cannot extend to a full kidnap and ransom policy, some standard travel insurance policies have a limited kidnap extension, which we would be happy to advise you on. However, these are no substitute for a proper Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion policy.


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