If you sell tickets for events or venues, or sell bookings for holidays & leisure, you probably find it a frustration and a burden when customers ask for a refund. It may be they are unable to attend or want to cancel their booking.

Many leading venues and ticket sellers are using insurance to remove this hassle and increase customer satisfaction.

Refund protection cover will refund 100% of a customer’s ticket or booking costs if they are unable to attend for a valid reason. Examples of refund claims include:

  • Illness
  • Injury of accident
  • Home / family emergency
  • Jury service
  • Transport disruption
  • Extreme weather
  • Armed forces deployment
  • Redundancy or work relocation
  • Changes to exam dates
  • Other genuine reasons.

How much does refund cover cost?

The cover is paid for by the customer so it costs you nothing! The cost is based upon a small percentage of the overall ticket price. You can even add a further percentage to give yourself an additional revenue stream

What events is refund cover suitable for?

Basically, if you are selling tickets online then this will probably work for you. For example:

  • Sports: race entries, spectator tickets etc
  • Events: concerts, festivals, exibitions, conferences etc
  • Venues: theatres, visitor attractions, museums, theme parks etc
  • Travel: hotels, holiday homes, tours, vehicle hire etc

How to get refund cover?

Just get in touch with us on 01905 21681 or contact us via the website. It’s a very simple process from there.

Did you know we can also help insure event organisers and venues against their own costs and expenses if an event is cancelled or disrupted, for reasons beyond your control? For example unexpectedly extreme weather, power failure, equipment breakdown and so forth. For more information and advice, just get in touch .

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