What is Unoccupied Property Insurance?

If your property is unoccupied, empty or vacant, for whatever reason, it can be difficult to get insurance. A standard buildings policy will not normally remain effective if a property is unoccupied for more than a few weeks so you must inform your insurer.

A good insurance broker will be able to find specialist cover for unoccupied buildings. Normally insurers will require additional security precautions and will limit the amount of cover available but full cover can be found. Most property owners will require cover for buildings and property owner’s liability. You may also require additional cover for contents or flood.

If a property is to be unoccupied for a short period, perhaps awaiting sale, you may wish to take cover for just a few months. Annual cover can be cancelled part way through the policy but be careful as some policies do not give a refund.

Unoccupied properties are often a target for vandals, arsonists and squatters, so you should seriously consider the security of your property.  Due to the increased chance of a claim you may wish to consider loss recovery insurance.

We understand everyone's insurance requirements are different & can advise on what you do, and do not, need