Why do I need insurance?

Medical professional insurance is designed to keep your business going and minimise your costs and disruption in the event of damage to equipment, data or records, theft, injury to staff or patients, prosecutions, tribunals, or other unfortunate eventualities. It can also be a regulatory, legal or contractual requirement.


The insurance you need will be determined by the activities you undertake and the size of your organisation.

So whether you represent a large General Practitioner surgery, are a home-based physiotherapist, an independent chiropodist, specialise in holistic medicine, or deal with any other aspect of medicine and care, Sutcliffe & Co will provide a package of insurances tailored to you.


Our experts are waiting to discuss your needs and will be happy to create a plan tailored just to you

What else might I need?

Sutcliffe & Co will not just provide an ‘off the shelf’ package: as independent brokers we will use our experience and wide range of insurance companies to help you find the insurance solution you need.