Why do I need insurance for my club or association?

Injury to members or the general public, damage to or theft of property, equipment or stock, illness, prosecutions, tribunals – all potential disasters that could hurt your club and your committee and possibly cause it to cease. The correct insurance will protect you and your organisation.

We understand that every club is unique, no matter how small or large, with different needs, so we provide insurance tailored to you. If simple cover is all you need, then we will not force unnecessary extras upon you. Larger, or more unusual organisations will require bespoke policies to suit their particular needs.

We may recommend you speak with our sister company, Mann Broadbent, which has specialised in sports and leisure insurance for over 50 years, if we feel that would be more beneficial for your club.

What sort of insurance would be part of a basic policy for a small club, society or association with its own premises?

What else might I need?

As no two clubs are alike, no two policies should be alike.  We may recommend additional covers, such as the following:

Sutcliffe & Co will not just provide an ‘off the shelf’ package, but get to know your needs in order to provide the cover that you require.