Why do I need insurance?

Those working in the fire and security industries are especially exposed to risk because of the significant responsibilities being undertaken. You need specialist insurance from a broker who understands your unique needs, otherwise some of the main risks you face may not be covered.

Whatever your size or speciality, Sutcliffe & Co can provide a comprehensive package of insurances tailored to you, without forcing unnecessary extras upon you. We will discuss your needs in detail, and provide advice on industry specific covers; we have also produced the S&CO guide for Fire & security industry insurance for those buying insurance, which should be of help.

We understand every business is different and can advised what insurance you do, and do not, need

What else might I need?

As no two businesses are alike, no two policies should be alike. Sutcliffe & Co will not just provide an ‘off the shelf’ package, but get to know your needs in order to provide the cover that your business requires. We may recommend additional covers, such as: