Why do I need insurance?

Insurance is a waste of money – until you need it! Should bad luck strike and you are faced with an injury, damage to or theft of equipment or stock, prosecutions, tribunals, etc then the correct insurance will protect you and your business. In the last few years the leisure industry has suffered from the ‘claims culture’ so good insurance is more vital than ever.

The hospitality and leisure industry comprises a fast range of businesses, so no two policies are the same – and we can advise you on what you do, and do not, need. The amount of insurance you require, and the cost, will be determined by the activities you undertake and the size of your business.

Would I need a bespoke package of insurance?

There are some instances where a more bespoke approach is needed. For example, if you run an hotel, guesthouse or B&B, then you will have different requirements to the licence holder of a pub, restaurant or takeaway, despite both coming under the ‘hospitality’ umbrella. Similarly, an event or activity organiser, for example, should consider different types of insurance.

Sutcliffe & Co has thousands of leisure clients all over the UK from nightclubs to sports clubs and understands the peculiar needs of both professional and amateur organisations. You may also want to visit the website of our sister company: sports & leisure insurance specialist Mann Broadbent.

What else might I need?

Sutcliffe & Co will not just provide an ‘off the shelf’ package, but get to know your needs in order to provide the cover that your business requires. We may recommend additional covers, such as:

We understand every business is different & can advise what insurance you do, and do not, need