Sutcliffe & Co can provide event organisers with specialist insurance packages specifically designed to cover the requirements of an event. For more unusual activities we can create something bespoke.

Event organisers initially need to consider public and products liability insurance to protect visitors, participants and the public, and employer’s liability insurance to protect employees and volunteers.

In addition, organisers also need to consider protecting equipment from damage or theft and contingency insurance for unexpected events; for example, cancellation due to poor weather or non-appearance of a celebrity.

Professional event organisers may require professional indemnity insurance should they be accused of making an error in their professional capacity, such as double booking a venue.

Events involving hazardous activities or travel may wish to offer extensions to cover their participants for personal accident and travel insurance.

If your event involves risks such as a raffle or hole in one competition for an expensive prize such as sports car, we can even provide prize indemnity insurance to cover the cost of someone winning the prize.

We understand that all businesses are different & can advise you on what you do, and do not, need.