Why do I need insurance if I own or let a property?

Damage to your property by flood, fire or theft, injury to tenants or members of the public, subsidence, tenancy disputes – just some of the disasters that could destroy your investment and possibly cost you more than the market value of your property. The correct insurance will minimise the disruption.

The cover you need will be determined by the property or properties that you own, be they commercial or residential, UK or overseas, occupied or vacant. At Sutcliffe & Co, we will discuss your circumstances and provide insurance cover tailored to you.

What else might you need?

As no two circumstances are alike, no two policies should be alike – we won’t offer you a standard package if that is not what is best for your requirements. We may recommend additional covers such as:

What if you have a problem with your property insurance?

The benefit of using an independent insurance broker, such as ourselves, is that we can usually solve problems with non-standard property insurance, for example if you have high risk tenants, there’s a history of flooding or subsidence, a listed property or one of non-standard construction, if there’s lack of planning consent, to name a few.

Everyone's insurance needs are different and we can advise what you do, and do not, need