What insurance does an extreme sports business need?

The answer very much depends upon the size of your business and what you do. For example a small business would generally need public liability as the bare minimum, larger organisations would require more, you may automatically have some cover from your sport’s governing body or they may insist upon minimum levels of cover. We can discuss all of this with you and help you fill the gaps, taking care to find cover that fits and will not restrict your business with lots of red tape unnecessarily.

We already insure a wide range of outdoor businesses and individuals across the UK, so whether you run a sports business or club, supply indoor or outdoor activity equipment, run an adventure centre, adventure holidays or are an individual involved in these events, we can help.

As well as our experience with ultra, endurance, extreme and adventure sports activities and events, our sister company, Mann Broadbent Sports Insurance, is based in the same office as us. For over 50 years they have provided insurance for thousands of individuals, coaches, teams, clubs, leagues and governing bodies across sports, dance and leisure sectors. Therefore we have a vast experience pool and are able to negotiate some great deals with specialist underwriters.

What else might you need?

We may recommend additional covers such as:

As no two circumstances are alike, no two policies should be alike and we can help you navigate your requirements