5 steps to help prevent cyber-attacks for SMEs

5 steps to help prevent cyber-attacks for SMEs

One of the biggest threats to Small, Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) is cyber-attacks, according to an Aviva Risk Insights report.

In today’s increasingly digital world and with more people working remotely, we have seen a rise in the threat of cyber-attacks. A cyber-attack can damage a brand’s reputation as well as causing incredible disruption and financial loss.

What is a cyber-attack?

A cyber-attack is a criminal act where a company’s computer system is attacked or hacked with the purpose of demanding money (holding data to ransom), steal or destroy data.

It causes significant stress for business owners and staff and if the systems are not properly backed up then you could find that you have lost everything.

It is therefore important that you ensure that your business is not only protected against the threat of cyber-attacks but also that you have the correct level of insurance in place.

So how can you protect your business?

  1. Have a good back up system in place and make certain that this is checked regularly to ensure that it is still properly working and effective.
  2. Make sure you have the right Insurance – Aviva-commissioned survey of 505 British SMEs across the UK that was Conducted by YouGov in April, the now publicised study found that 86% of small- and medium-sized enterprises in Britain do not have any cyber insurance in place despite increases in cyber fraud and breaches.
  3. Be vigilant with emails and don’t click on links that look suspicious. Also, let your customers know your email policy especially if you are requesting money and sending bank details for payment over email.
  4. Make sure you have strong passwords and don’t share these with anyone!
  5. Have the appropriate anti-virus software installed.

If you are wondering where to start there is plenty of advice & guidance on the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) website including information on how to improve your organisation’s cyber resilience by certifying to the Cyber Essentials standard https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/

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