flood insurance

A New Kind of Flood Insurance

Do you struggle to get flood insurance for your business premises or rental properties? Is your premium extortionate? Your excess sky high? Is there a history of flooding?

If you have answered yes to any, or even all, of these questions, then you are likely to be tearing your hair out when heavy and prolonged rain is forecast. However, we might just have the flood insurance solution you are looking for:

Sutcliffe & Co Insurance Brokers is one of only a handful of brokers across the country that has access to a completely new type of flood insurance: one that removes the uncertainty, cost and time usually associated with traditional flood insurance.

This is achieved with an innovative combination of technology and simplicity:

  1. You select what depth of water would cause you problems
  2. You select the amount of money you get if water reaches that depth
  3. We install an electronic sensor on the outside of your building
  4. If the water reaches your selected depth the sensor transmits a message and you get paid!

You can tweak the premium by adjusting the depth and payment amount. For example, an unnamed pub close to the river in the town of Upton Upon Severn that has been flooded before might select from one of the following options:

Depth of Water Claim Payment Annual Premium
40cm £20,000 £131.91
40cm £80,000 £527.64
80cm £50,000 £317.33

Duncan Sutcliffe, director, Sutcliffe & Co, commented: “Unlike traditional insurance where the insurance company examines the details of your claim, goes through the small print of your policy, requires evidence and receipts and paperwork, this insurance simply monitors your sensor. If the pre-agreed target depth is reached, then money is transferred to your account for you to use as you wish; it’s that simple. You and your business can start recovering from the flood.

“It is revolutionary and evolutionary flood insurance. We are so pleased to be able to offer this to businesses and landlords, particularly considering how much of the country is affected by flooding.”

You can even purchase this insurance in addition to your existing insurance policy, which is ideal if you have a large excess. Alternatively, you could us this to replace the flood element of your business insurance cover and significantly reduce the overall premium.

So if you have a business, club, charity, or rental property that is looking for a flexible solution to flooding and flood insurance then give our team a call on 01905 21681 or send us an email.