storm clouds

Batten down the hatches

Storm Dennis is inbound and the effects of storm Ciara still fresh: it is worth taking some time to check your property – your business and your home.

Caroline Pearson, account executive, Sutcliffe & Co Insurance Brokers, commented: “Every moment invested in checking and securing your property in advance of bad weather will save considerably more time in dealing with the aftermath.”

Some top tips:

  • Check the roof and external fittings – use a professional to repair any damage or loose roof tiles
  • Put away or properly secure wheelie bins, garden furniture, or any other ‘loose’ items usually kept outside – otherwise they could be blown around and cause damage to your property, or someone else’s
  • Make sure gates and shed doors are properly secured
  • Know where your stop-cock is and how to turn off gas and electricity supplies at the mains
  • Have data and system back-ups in place should there be a power cut, or surge
  • Review your business and property risk assessments for staff and visitors with the weather conditions in mind – keeping a formal record of any actions taken to make the property safe help to defend against fraudulent claims
  • Think about health and safety arrangements – this includes when the decision is made to send employees, customers, visitors, safely home before the weather gets too dangerous
  • If you’re going to be alone in your property then get your emergency pack ready: fully charged mobile phone, torch, first aid kit, warm clothes, blankets and water.

Caroline added: “The most obvious first step to being properly prepared is knowing what to expect. So keep track of your local weather by signing up to Met Office alerts, listening to your local radio station or checking online.”

“Take the time to keep your property, employees, visitors and your business safe. We would also strongly recommend speaking with your insurance broker to help you with your risk management; and make sure you have the right insurance cover in place,” Caroline concluded.

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