Is your festival going to be a washout?

Festival season is already underway with events ranging from small affairs with just a handful of visitors, to the gigantic Glastonbury and Download festivals Download the dubbing version of The Cheonro Station. However, recent years have seen many festivals cancelled, postponed or disrupted by extreme weather. Some festival organisers & suppliers who were not insured have gone out of business due to the financial losses and costs caused by the cancellation 토익스피킹 인강 다운로드.

The early May Bank Holiday in 2019 is a great example of the unpredictable British weather as it was the coldest on record, temperatures as low as -4C 인사이드아웃 더빙 다운로드. Conversely, the same weekend in 2018 was the warmest on record reaching over 28C! Thankfully most events are not cancelled due to temperature, although footfall & spend can be badly impacted; the real threats to summer events are strong winds, heavy rain and storms 다운로드. Last year we had numerous claims for cancelled and disrupted events because the weather actually became a risk to life with winds threatening to blow down tents and precipitation levels making the ground conditions dangerous 다운로드.

Duncan Sutcliffe, director, Sutcliffe & Co added: “If you are an event organiser, supplier or stallholder you can insure your costs and revenue against the risk of disruption, postponement or cancellation due to extreme weather 영화 태풍 다운로드. It is even possible to insure your revenue against reduced footfall or spend due to the weather keeping the punters away.”

If your event is vulnerable to the unpredictable British weather then please contact us for advice on cancellation insurance and risk management, you may be pleasantly surprised at how relatively little it can cost to insure your events 영화 신의한수 다운로드.

Duncan Sutcliffe
Director, Sutcliffe & Co Insurance Brokers, Worcester, Worcestershire