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Lockdown car maintenance

Unless you are a key worker, the likelihood is that your car has been sitting idle for the past few weeks. With lockdown easing, more of us are now getting into our cars – as noticed by the AA whose breakdown call levels are nearly back to pre-lockdown. So, it’s worth taking a few minutes to look after your car before you head out on the road.

Here are some top tips:

  • The battery:
    • if not used regularly, car batteries lose charge. This may mean that after a few weeks of not being used, it may not have enough power to start the engine. Easily remedied by taking your car out for regular (ie weekly) 15-20minute drives. For most cars, this will be sufficient to keep the battery charge topped up
  • Tyres & brakes:
    • essential to check the pressure on each of your tyres before driving off. There’s a chance the pressure could have gone down if the car hasn’t been used. Regarding the brakes, they may be a little noisy if your can has been left in wet or damp conditions. This is normal but remember to gently apply the brakes when driving, which should help clear up the issue.
  • Fuel:
    • worth filling your tank up if you are not planning to use your car for a while; this will reduce the likelihood of condensation building up. Condensation inside the tank may lead to water being added into the mix.

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