Sports Travel Insurance

Online Sports Travel Insurance Including Covid-19 Cover

Our sister company Mann Broadbent has released a travel insurance policy that includes cover for Covid-19 should you fall ill whilst on holiday or if you have to cancel your trip because of Covid-19. They are offering 2 policy types:

  • Standard holiday insurance
  • Travel insurance for sporting and adventurous activities

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You can select cover for a single trip or an annual policy and you can cover individuals, families or groups. There are also optional extensions for a wide range of extras including weddings, cruises, sports equipment, winter sports and even enhanced covid cover.

The standard holiday insurance policy automatically includes cover for a wide range of sports but if you are planning on participating in more dangerous sports such as rugby, white water kayaking, cycle racing or ultra running the sports travel + policy is specifically designed for such activities.

For more information or if you have any questions visit their website HERE.