Re-opening your business?

As lockdown eases many more businesses are getting ready to welcome customers and clients back through their doors. So, if you’re getting ready to re-open your business in the coming weeks, there is a lot you’ll need to think about.

The government provides guidance and support for businesses on what you need to do in terms of social distancing, employee safety, PPE (personal protection equipment): . However, we thought it might also be helpful to have a quick reference checklist, so we pulled one together for you.

To date, we have checklists specifically for the re-opening of the following:

  • Your office
  • Your shop
  • Your restaurant or pub
  • Your hotel, B&B, Guesthouse
  • Your outdoor activity or leisure business
  • Your hair salon or barber shop.

You can download all of these from our covid-19 business hub page – no need to provide your email address, or sign up for anything, all free to download and use.

They are provided in pdf format, but if you’d prefer a checklist in word format, or need further advice on your risk management or insurance, just get in touch with us or call us on 01905 21681.