strikes insurance policies

How are strikes affecting insurance policies?

With strikes across all sectors hitting the headlines on a weekly basis, how is this affecting insurance? Sutcliffe & Co Insurance Brokers have seen many changes since the business was founded so are well placed to reflect on how current strikes are impacting insurance.

Strikes by their nature are designed to create disruption and inevitably this can spill over into protests and even violence. Some insurance companies have responded to the escalation in industrial action across the UK by limiting or removing cover on new policies for Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion and Labour Disputes.

Duncan Sutcliffe, Managing Director at Sutcliffe Insurance Brokers explains, “At the moment the policies that are affected are mostly for the events sector, such as event cancellation insurance.  Underwriters are warning of wider issues with an increased risk of disruption and damage due to industrial disputes and wider civil unrest connected to cost of living and political turbulence.”

Duncan adds, “Buildings and contents policies are mostly unaffected at this stage but insurers are keeping a wary eye on the situation and warning policyholders to take steps to reduce risks and improve security.”

As further strikes are planned for the coming weeks policyholders should take steps to ensure their property, staff and customers are kept safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Sutcliffe & Co Team on 01905 21681 or email