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When insurance claims go wrong – keys left in vehicle

Claim rejected for keys left in vehicle?

Once in a while we come across claims where a vehicle of its contents are stolen and the insurance company reduces, or rejects, payment because keys had been left in the vehicle or an unlocked vehicle had been unattended.

Insurance companies will deal with situations such as this on a case by case basis and their attitude will often depend on the circumstances.

To reduce the likelihood of such an incident, make sure drivers consider the following common errors:

  • Leaving keys in vehicle, or vehicle unlocked, while at petrol stations, cashpoints, shops or post boxes.
  • Leaving the engine running to defrost or arm in winters
  • Leaving keys in vehicle, or vehicle unlocked, whilst carrying out deliveries
  • Leaving keys where they can be easily accessed, such as a coat pocket in a cloakroom, on your desk at work, or on a windowsill at home.

Duncan Sutcliffe, director, Sutcliffe & Co, added: “Also be aware of scams where a driver may be alerted to a possible problem at the rear of the vehicle or similar. Once they are out of the vehicle and distracted, an accomplice will jump in!”

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