Cyber and Data Insurance

Why do I need Cyber and Data insurance?

Cyber insurance, or data protection insurance, is a type of insurance cover that protects you and your data from any potential threat, data loss or data breaching.

Cyber and Data insurance can protect you and your business from the impacts caused by damage or loss of important information from your IT systems or network. Nowadays, a large majority of businesses use and rely on information technology on an everyday basis. The data stored, sent and received using these devices is often private or sensitive customer information that is vulnerable to cyber-attack. 

Unlike many common data protection or virus insurance policies, Cyber and Data insurance includes much more than electronic equipment cover, theft, fire or flooding. This limited amount of cover is leaving many businesses at great risk of a cyber attack

A good level of Cyber and Data insurance should provide you with a high level of protection and cover the costs of what really matters. This cover will protect you against issues with income loss, business interruption, equipment and device failure, damage repair and reputational damage. 

All businesses using information technology are at risk, meaning Cyber and Data insurance should be a vital requirement should you wish to protect yourself and your business from the potential short and long term damage that comes with data breaching, theft or loss. 

Sutcliffe Insurance will advise on cyber insurance or data protection insurance cover for small and large corporate businesses offering first-class support, protection and financial cover should the worst happen.

Sutcliffe and Co recommends cover that will also provide a fully comprehensive crisis management service that consists of technical and forensic specialists that have the ability to restore your data and systems whilst providing you with professional advice to stop any occurrences. You will also be appointed a legal expert that will support you should any legal disputes arise and all fines, penalties, defence and damage costs will be seen to accordingly.