Why does my bike need insurance?

While many household policies will offer an option to include cover for a bike, this doesn’t always extend to damage incurred while out and about, your bike’s accessories, or indeed outside the UK. So if you enjoy taking your bike out, even if you’re an amateur cyclist participating in in any one of a range of cycling events around the UK or Europe such as a standard road race, triathlon, mountain biking trail, then you need to think about having more tailored insurance.

Similarly, if you are in an amateur event and you are involved in a collision, your public liability may not be covered by your home insurance and is unlikely to be covered by event organisers. So what do you do?

This is when a bespoke cycle insurance policy ticks the right boxes. It can cover the enthusiastic amateur while racing or training for any accidental damage incurred or theft. Additionally your important accessories, such as GPS or fitness tracker attached to the bike, are also covered – not to mention your public liability.

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