Why do I need insurance?

We hope insurance will never be needed but in the event of injury to employees or the general public, damage to or theft of property, equipment or stock, illness, prosecutions, tribunals, then insurance could save you and your business. In addition, the construction industry has moved into an era where safety, regulations and legislation ensure that insurance forms part of a contract. We can help identify the specific insurance required for your construction business including Non-negligence insurance, also known as JCT 6.5.1 or JCT 21.2.2.

The amount of insurance you require, and the cost, will be determined by the activities you undertake and the size of your business. We can also look at your contracts and assist with complying with the insurance requirements you may need to sign up to.

What sort of insurance would be part of a basic policy for a small contractor with its own premises?

What about insurance for specialist trades?

As a contractor, the type of work you engage in will dictate the extent of bespoke insurance. For example, cleaning contractors have some different risks to those in the fire and security industry – click on the links to find out more. Similarly, other professions may mean finding insurance is problematic, such as for scaffolders, roofers, if you’re working on a listed building, asbestos removal, offshore work or in demolition, for example, and that is where your insurance broker can be invaluable in finding you the right insurance.

What else might I need?

As no two businesses are alike, no two policies should be alike. Sutcliffe & Co will not just provide an ‘off the shelf’ package, but get to know your needs in order to provide the cover that your business requires. We may recommend additional covers, such as:

We understand that all businesses are different and can advise you on what insurance is essential, what is nice to have, and what is unnecessary.