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Outdoor Market Stalls Re-Open

Outdoor markets and traders are now allowed to re-open. Whether you are already an established market trader or a business that normally operates from a premises but is now moving outside this is a great opportunity to resume sales.

Returning will not be straightforward as you will need to consider social distancing, hygiene and the safety of customers and staff amongst other things. Minimising customer contact with stock, using cashless payments, enforcing safe distances, etc will need to be considered. There is lots of useful information on the Government and HSE websites.

Some of the things you will need to review include:

  • Consult with colleagues about their ability and willingness to return, consider any requirements that need putting in place, how they will travel and discuss any anxieties they may have. You will also need to train them in the new processes you have in place.
  • Think about cleaning and adapt your stall to make this easier. Certain items like payment machines will need regular cleaning. What will you do with stock that has been touched by customers? How will you handle returns?
  • Speak to your neighbouring stalls about a joint approach, in particular regarding queuing.
  • Source cleaning materials, PPE and waste disposal
  • Writing down or recording your plans in something like a risk assessment.

You also need to ensure you have the correct insurance; as a minimum we would recommend Public Liability, Products Liability and, if relevant, Employer’s Liability. You may also want to insure your stock and equipment. Be aware that if your businesses is ordinarily based from a premises, your existing insurance policy may not cover you to work from a market stall.

For advice and assistance, get in touch with our team on 01905 21681 or contact us.