How to reduce the risk of fire in your commercial property

How to reduce the risk of fire in your commercial property

As insurance brokers the Sutcliffe & Co Team see first hand the devastating effect fire can have on a property, not only impacting commercially with severe financial losses, there is also a real risk to human life too.

Did you know that in the year ending June 2021 there were 529,101 incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Services in England? So, on average, that’s over 1,400 incidents every day, a frightening statistic but often many fires can be avoided through detailed risk assessments and planning.

Owners and occupiers of commercial premises can take some very simple steps to ensure they don’t find themselves included in those statistics. These include:

  • Ensuring electrical systems are properly maintained. Using a qualified electrician who is experienced and recommended through referrals is always the best place to start.
  • Ensuring that dust extractors and flues are properly maintained and cleaned, particularly where these are required to control combustible or explosive materials and for kitchen extraction.
  • Controlling smoking in and around the premises. Although there has been a decline in smoking in recent years, it is still a big contributor to fires in commercial properties.
  • Controlling the storage and disposal of waste. Make sure that your procedure is rigid, and someone takes ownership of the task to ensure no corners are cut and safety standards are maintained long term.
  • Taking steps to minimise the risk of arson on your premises. Security of your commercial property will always be high on your list of priorities but also help safeguard against arson attacks.
  • Managing the storage and use of flammable liquids and gases. A long-term strategy for the safe storage of flammable liquids and gases can easily reduce the risk of fire at your commercial property.
  • Undertaking a fire risk assessment for the premises. Conducting a fire risk assessment by a qualified and experienced assessor is a critical part of reducing the risk of fire at your commercial property.

We work with owners and occupiers of commercial premises everyday as part of their risk management strategy to ensure their insurance covers them should the worst happen. If you would like to discuss the insurance for your commercial property, please contact Sutcliffe & Co Head Office on 01905 21681.