Monthly Archives: September 2019

Why should accountants purchase data protection insurance?

The ICAEW has been a great advocate of data protection and data security, so much so that in 2014 the Government’s Cyber Essentials certification scheme was formally launched at The Chartered Accountants’ Hall. So why is the ICAEW so proactive? The reason is accountants process and control large amounts of personally and commercially sensitive data […]

Independent schools (and parents) beware of invoice fraud

We are seeing an increasing number of clients fall victim to invoice fraud, commonly this is where a cyber criminal is able to send invoices that look genuine in the hope that they get paid into the criminal’s bank account. Quite a few people have paid what they thought were genuine bills from suppliers only […]

Student insurance – what is it and who needs it?

If you (or your child/grandchild) are just embarking on your first term at university or college, you’ll be very aware of how much kit is on the packing list, including some expensive yet essential items like a laptop, phone and tablet. However, when you are facing a significant and exciting new chapter in life, sometimes […]