Monthly Archives: January 2022

Why you should protect your high value items with insurance this Valentine’s Day.

High-value items that you need to organise additional insurance for include jewellery, watches, pictures, paintings, books and antiques. Proposing on Valentine’s Day can be incredibly romantic, after all it is the most romantic day of the year. However, the ring you propose with often costs a lot of money. According to ( the purchaser […]

Reflecting on mental health in the workplace on ‘Blue Monday’

January is often a tough time for many people mentally and ‘Blue Monday’ further highlights when all those bills come in after Christmas and the longer nights make it a depressing time. We are lucky enough to have an excellent Mental Health First Aider, Sue Smith, in our office so we thought having an insight […]

De-icing Outdoor Walking Surfaces in Winter

Keeping outdoor walking surfaces—such as car parks and pavements—clear of ice in the winter is a crucial practice at many workplaces. Not only does ice removal offer aesthetic benefits, but it can also help keep you, your colleagues and the general public (eg customers or passers-by) protected from the risk of slips and trips. With […]

Winter road safety tips for transport operators and their drivers

Winter can pose a number of safety issues for drivers and transport operators with darker mornings and nights, ice, snow, wind, storm debris, flooding and fog to name just a few! Drivers need to be more vigilant during the winter and transport operators need to ensure that they have minimised risk as far as possible. […]