Monthly Archives: September 2021

Protecting organisations and users with Two Factor Authentication

Cyber security experts have reviewed the methods criminals use to hack organisations and have found that organisations who deploy Two Factor Authentication are significantly safer than those who do not. Why we need Two Factor Authentication With much of our business carried out electronically we have become more open to criminals. Hacks, data breaches and […]

Building confidence in UK live events with Covid Event Cancellation Insurance

A UK Government-backed reinsurance scheme has been introduced to support the UK live events market. The UK Government has partnered with insurers, who have so far collectively pledged to make around £35 million of capacity available, to deliver the Live Events Reinsurance Scheme as part of the plan for jobs. It will cover the costs […]

How Trade Credit Insurance helps businesses to offer credit and secure new contracts

Trade Credit Insurance provides cover for businesses if customers who owe money for goods or services do not pay or fail to pay on-time often due to their own financial issues. It provides businesses with the confidence to continue to offer credit to new customers and gives them access to funding, often at competitive rates. […]

The future of driving is electric – so what’s the risk?

The UK government are proposing to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles and cars from 2030. The alternative is electric. You have probably noticed the changing scene in car parks and petrol stations with the introduction of car charging spaces. Many of these remain empty at present, but with the latest news […]