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Navigating Ransomware: Essential Guidance from NCSC

Collaborating for Stronger Cybersecurity At Sutcliffe & Co Insurance Brokers, we understand the ever-evolving threats businesses face in the digital age and that’s why we’re pleased to share the latest ransomware guidance from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Developed in collaboration with leading insurance industry bodies, this resource is designed to help organisations […]

Product recall insurance can help protect you

From issues involving exploding batteries and overheating electronics to poison-laced painkillers and lead paint-coated children’s toys, the issues companies face can be unprecedented and unexpected. Here, we will tell you about some high-profile examples of product recalls to help you look for warning signs of any product issues within your business. Samsung’s Exploding Phones In […]

The Increasing Risk of Lithium Battery Fires

In recent years, the prevalence of lithium-ion batteries in everyday devices has surged. These batteries power everything from smartphones to electric vehicles, offering high energy density and long life. However, with this widespread use comes an increasing concern over their safety, particularly the risk of fires. The London Fire Brigade has reported a worrying trend: […]