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Can ‘Crash for Cash’ scams be avoided?

Not all collisions on our roads are an accident and as the financial pressures increase for many households and businesses, fraudulent insurance claims for crashes between vehicles is set to increase further. Crash for Cash are scams that can range from paper-base fabrications to physical collisions involving innocent road users, all with the aim of […]

Remember gap insurance for your new ‘22’ plate vehicle

Are you looking forward to the delivery of your new 22 registration plate vehicle? Having a new car is an exciting time, but it’s important to make sure you have the right insurance in place to make sure that if the worst was to happen you are fully covered. It’s never been easier to buy […]

Winter road safety tips for transport operators and their drivers

Winter can pose a number of safety issues for drivers and transport operators with darker mornings and nights, ice, snow, wind, storm debris, flooding and fog to name just a few! Drivers need to be more vigilant during the winter and transport operators need to ensure that they have minimised risk as far as possible. […]

The future of driving is electric – so what’s the risk?

The UK government are proposing to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles and cars from 2030. The alternative is electric. You have probably noticed the changing scene in car parks and petrol stations with the introduction of car charging spaces. Many of these remain empty at present, but with the latest news […]